Cozyshoppe Productions

Videography, Photography, and Editing

"By Chance"- Based on a novella by Cassandra Carson (Coming Soon)

In a small town, there are only so many places to hide from your problems. Dawn had grown familiar with the people and life that surrounded her in Perrysburg, Ohio, but it never really felt like home to her. The gossip driven women, alcoholic men, and money flaunting parties had all grown to be too much. As the snow falls in December, Dawn escapes another party early, avoids her current relationship troubles, and nearly hits a man with her car! Follow Dawn's weekend as she rediscovers her own passions and desires through the kindness of a stranger. Will she open herself up for the first time in six years, or will she choose to keep up the metaphorical walls that she had grown accustomed to after the weekend is over? For someone so cautious, does fear of pain trump an opportunity for happiness?